VR at Toaster

Toaster embraced the idea of experiencing the web in VR early. To find out the challenges of building a WebVR project I built a prototype showcasing the Toaster office in VR. The learnings of the project would help us advise clients where we could push boundaries for future projects.

We brought in an external production agency to record the office in 4k 360 video and I had the opportunity to find the most performant way of playing the videos in the best resolution within VR for the web, whilst not compromising frame rate.

I demonstrated my findings in a blog post, describing how we use Three JS and forked a third party library to quickly create a high performance VR video experience. Why not have a tour of the Toaster office by viewing it in a browser, or by using a cardboard / daydream to view in VR. *Disclaimer, the WebVR spec is constantly changing and I haven’t maintained this project since I left Toaster.