Unmind aims to educate the masses on understanding their own mental health, providing preventative educational materials to help build mental strength for when times get difficult. It’s focus is workplace mental health, by selling the product to employers to distribute to their employees.

As a senior engineer at Unmind, I do more than just write code to contribute to the product. I’ve taken the lead on technical initiatives, such as making improvements to the web tooling (which resulted in a 40% improvement in build times), running workshops, user research, mentoring, code reviewing and much more.

At the time of writing, I have been at Unmind for a short period, so unfortunately I don’t have my screenshots to share, however new React Native audio and video players (pictured above) was the latest product work that I contributed to.

I’m currently leading technical initiatives to improve our design system and enhance the onboarding experience to keep users engaged in the platform.