Taiwan Elections with Google

Leading up to the 2016 presidential campaign in Taiwan, Google approached Toaster with an idea to revolutionise the way election information was delivered, giving people access to latest news, videos.

I was a part of a team building the website hub. Using Polymer, we were able to create a very modular and componentised site, making it very easy for us to build on top of and update.

Although I helped build most parts of the website, my main focus was the Ask the Candidates widget. Utilising a custom Google Map and Polymer’s data binding to visualise where the questions were coming from and which were most popular. Users could vote and the 11 of the most popular were asked during a broadcasted electoral debate.

The project was hugely successful, changing the way citizens of Taiwan digested information about the candidates with 18.8 million voters reached and 6,500 questions asked, making it the most digital powered election ever in Taiwan.